Firewheels - Gaillardia pulchella


Also known as: “Blanket flower” or “Indian Blanket”

Description: Firewheels are a popular annual growing 1' to 2' tall. The plants are multi-branched and can become woody at the base late in the season. These dependable, showy 1" to 2” flowers have bright heads with red coloring at the base, blending into yellow tips, each with jagged edges at the ends of the petals. An occasional plant may bloom solid orange or yellow.

Flowering Season: February through October (we have had them bloom thru the holidays!)

Comments: Frequent along roadsides in the West, these wildflowers grow on proud, slender stalks. These plants are extremely popular in a variety of cultivation uses, for they tolerate heat and dryness. Among several species in the West, these flowers are very hardy, and drought tolerant. Easily established from seed, they can spread year after year, into brilliant areas of these dazzling wildflowers. Thrives in heat and full sun in well drained soils. Oklahoma state flower!


DISCLAIMER FOR USE: As in all agricultural plant products, responsibility for use remains in the hands of the consumer.
Please always plant conscientiously, and be aware of any species that might be considered invasive, in some areas.