Lupine - Lupinus succulentus

Also known as: “Arroyo Lupine”

Description: This hardy annual is common throughout its native California, as well as many sections of Arizona and the Baja. This Lupine's soft, fuzzy leaves are palmate and fleshy, with beautiful flower spikes of a purple-blue with a white or pink patch near their centers. Occasionally they will sport flowers of light purple, white or pink!

Flowering Season: February through May

Comments: We chose this Lupine, because it is the most water tolerant of the Lupines, grows quickly, and is also popular for use in both home wildflower gardens as well as commercial use in disturbed areas. It does well in a variety of habitats, and will come back the following spring, if its seeds are allowed to fall to the ground.


DISCLAIMER FOR USE: As in all agricultural plant products, responsibility for use remains in the hands of the consumer.
Please always plant conscientiously, and be aware of any species that might be considered invasive, in some areas.