Sonoran Desert Re-Vegetation

Sonoran DesertDescription: A mix of native desert seeds designed to cover disturbed areas where re-growth and erosion control is sought. Mix includes some tough wildflowers, grasses and bushes. We somewhat crudely call this our “desert rape” mix- Although there are flowering plants in this mix, its primary purpose is to re-vegetate and cover damaged areas, needing a fresh start!

Contents: Creosote 19%, Triangle Bursage 19%, Encella Farinosa 19%, Desert Marigold 11%, Cassia Covesii 13%, Desert Globe Mallow 12%, Needle Grama 6%. Also included is an organic spreading agent such as rice hull, which helps cast, cover and keep seed hydrated in order to assist with germination.

Flowering Season: Can be planted year long, with spring bloom on many of the species in this mix.

Comments: Seed germination will do best if soil area to be re-vegetated is lightly “roughed up” with a rake, then seed mix cast, followed by lightly raking over, to gently cover and protect seeds from birds and/or washing away until established.


DISCLAIMER FOR USE: As in all agricultural plant products, responsibility for use remains in the hands of the consumer.
Please always plant conscientiously, and be aware of any species that might be considered invasive, in some areas.