Blue Flax - Linum lewsii

Blue Flax

Also known as: “Western Blue Flax”

Description: A 1' to 2’ tall perennial with delicate leaves and true sky blue flowers which continue to bloom through the summer in higher elevations!

Flowering Season: February - April

Comments: A dependable garden flower. Showy, in that every morning it covers itself with 1" blue flowers. Use in perennial garden, rock garden, or even in a container. Does fine in the desert as long as it gets supplemental watering or good spring rains. Fun to mix with Red Flax! Trim back each winter, and the expanding clumps will bloom a second spring!


DISCLAIMER FOR USE: As in all agricultural plant products, responsibility for use remains in the hands of the consumer.
Please always plant conscientiously, and be aware of any species that might be considered invasive, in some areas.