Bird & Butterfly

Bird and Butterfly

Description: A specially selected mix of flowers that are known to be enticing attractants for both birds and butterflies! These varieties were also chosen for their ease of germination and ability to reseed themselves for future years of garden and wildlife enjoyment.

Contents: Lupine 10%, California Poppy 15%, Cosmos 20%, Coreopsis 15%, Purple Coneflower 10%, Scarlet Sage 5%, Desert Marigold 5%, Sweet Alyssum7%, Four O’clock 10%, Penstemon 3%. Also included is an organic spreading agent such as rice hull, which helps cast, cover and keep seed hydrated in order to assist with germination.

Flowering Season: Blooms from March through November, depending on elevation.

Comments: Best results will be obtained with periodical watering, and light dead heading. A great backyard garden mix. This mix has even done exceptionally well, in non arid environments. Friends from back east, and our German exchange student, report beautiful garden displays! This mix can be planted Fall or Spring.



DISCLAIMER FOR USE: As in all agricultural plant products, responsibility for use remains in the hands of the consumer.
Please always plant conscientiously, and be aware of any species that might be considered invasive, in some areas.